Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wrought Iron Gates Sacramento

  • Swing gates are the most common gate for residential applications.
  • Slide gates are mostly used in commercial applications or where the landscaping won't allow the use of a swing gate system.
  • Lift Gates are used where the landscape won't allow the use of a swing or slide gate system.

What materials are available for gates?
  • Aluminum material for gates is commonly used where weight is a factor.
  • Decorative steel is probably the most common used for gates in areas that require a stronger material. It's less expensive to manufacture than iron and still gives you a decorative entry.
  • Wrought Iron is the most costly of the material to use but it offers an ol' world charm that can't be duplicated with any other material.
  • Wood is used where the proper decor is necessary.
  • Many times the material doesn't matter other than when cost or strength issues become a driving decision in the material selection.
    If I have existing columns can I add a gate?
  • The simple answer is yes. First we must know how the columns were built internally. The gate will add stress to any column and if it wasn't built with adding a gate in mind other options may be necessary. Most times the simple answer is to add a post next to in the rear of the column to support a new gate. This is the best way to support your new gate without destroying the existing column.

Wrought Iron Gates Sacramento

Wrought Iron Gate Questions

What types of gates are available?


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